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Gul Hina Attar

The Natural Gul Henna Attar is removed from the blossoms found in India. Due to having sweet aroma and quintessence, it is known as the blossom of heaven. The sweet quintessence is enduring, around 12 – 14 hours. Being a bush, Henna grows up to seven meter stature. Gul Henna Attar contains grayish-dark colored bark and its wood is grainy and hard. The blossoms are found in thick bunches and rich white shaded. The bloom contains four greenish-yellow hued petals. Gul Henna aromas makers the procedure of hydro refining is utilized to separate Gul Henna Attar from these petals. Indian considers the bloom as sacrosanct. Possess an aroma similar to Indian Sandalwood oil and Heena in found the attar. Thus, this flavors scents are utilized as a part of aromas by the fragrance makers. Gul Henna attar's are likewise prestigious to bring profound endowments, joy and favorable luck.

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